Welcome Back: Des Spencer

‘Cool Vibes’ Acrylic on canvas

This month we welcome back Des Spencer, an artist renowned for his vivid, vivacious images of the environment around him. Land and cityscapes, floral and abstract studies and underwater scenes explode with pulsating color, conveying all the energy and passion of life itself.

After exhibiting his art in Australia for 22 years Des moved to the UAE and the Maldives. Des has since returned but frequently travels to exhibit his work as his reputation continues to grow steadily.

Des paints in acrylics and couples this medium with a highly distinctive paint application that includes painter’s trowel, brushes and tools, allowing him to create depth and movement through the combination of vibrant colors and varying texture. He paints directly to canvas from his imagination and observations.

Des is an artist whose rich talent has developed over the past three decades. His devotion to his unique impasto style has cemented his reputation as a leading International artist.

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