Internship at Red Hill Gallery: An Invaluable Experience

As more employers require a certain amount of existing work experience, internships become one of the most highly recommended experiences for undergraduates. With the help of the Queensland University of Technology and Red Hill Gallery, we have had the opportunity to gain some of the most valuable knowledge in our final year of study. Through 100-hours of work placement at the gallery, under the guidance and support of the amazing team, we both have grown significantly as professionals and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


Interning at Red Hill Gallery I was given the opportunity to learn more about the business of Art Consulting and Corporate Art Consultation. Being able to discuss the business with people in the profession and see the work process for myself has been an amazing experience that I will take with me after graduation and hopefully be able to use to start my own career in the industry.

The gallery has always been a welcoming and accommodating environment, which is a credit to the wonderful people that work there, that I am extremely grateful to have learnt so much from. Interning at Red Hill has been a vastly rewarding experience and one that I will always remember.

Sarah Meehan   |   QUT Bachelor of Creative Industries (Art and Design History)


The short time I spent at Red Hill Gallery has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my journey as an undergraduate. While the university has provided me with the theoretical understanding of the art and various skill sets, this work placement is an impacting lesson which taught me how to apply those skills in the real world. The internship has helped me meet more people in the industry and assisted in developing a network, giving me a tremendous competitive advantage for my future endeavours.

Learning more about the role of an Art Consultant and the commercial side of a gallery, I’ve gained better insights into the fine art industry in Brisbane and discovered my place within it. The excellent staff at the gallery have played such a significant role in my growth as a professional and as a person. Passing on their wisdom and experience through trusting me with different tasks in the gallery, I’ve learned how to be more detail-oriented and persist through any challenge presented to me. I’m very grateful to the gallery and the university for giving me this invaluable learning experience that prepared me for bigger adventures after my graduation in June.

Chloe Cao (Duyen Le Cao)   |   QUT Bachelor of Creative Industries (Art and Design History)

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