NEW REFLECTIONS ON PAST IMPRESSIONS • Jamie Boyd • Exhibiting Red Hill Gallery July 2019

This July Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane is honoured to present and offer the rare opportunity for art collectors to view and procure paintings by Australian artistic royalty, Jamie Boyd. With his newest body of artwork – ‘New Reflections on Past Impressions’ opening on Friday 5 July 2019.

As the most prominent living member of the famous Boyd family dynasty, Jamie Boyd is a highly accomplished artist, based in London, with artworks exhibited all over the world. As the fourth generation of an artistically gifted bloodline, he is the only son of the late Arthur Boyd and grandson of the late Merric Boyd. With a rich family history and equally rich understanding of artistic expression.

A master of colour and craft, Boyd utilizes materials of any shape, colour or description to create visually mesmerizing artworks. Having begun his career at an exceptionally early age, Boyd has painted en plein air with John Perceval, Charles Blackman, David Boyd and his father Arthur Boyd.   

This collection harks back to early subject matter painted by Boyd “on the spot”. Jamie believes that by looking back again at the early sketches, it is possible to see more in them now than at the time they were painted, granting reflection as a primary theme within this collection of work.

“It seems one often paints what is in the imagination – what one wants to see – but even so, an essential element of the landscape settles there too, on the canvas – only later to come into focus.” ~ Jamie Boyd

Some of these new works reflect that new insight. Reflection has always been of primary concern for the artist as his determination to be continually challenging and redefining his knowledge of art is expressed through Boyd’s experimentation and reinvention of his work.

‘New Reflections on Past Impressions’ a collection of predominantly oil on canvas works magnificently crafting with key attention to colour theory. The artists observation of his subject matter is influenced by light and atmospherics, expressed through his exhilarating visions.

This July, Brisbane art lovers will be given an insight into one of Australia’s most well-renowned artistic families, experiencing the influence of an entire dynasty within Jamie’s new work.

View collection HERE

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