Katherine Wood ‘Connection’ Exhibiting at Red Hill Gallery – 6 – 22 September 2019

“This body of work is about finding a connection; not only a connection with ourselves but at the same time a connection with others. The theme of my art has always been based on our relative insignificance in relation to the bigger scheme of life. The parody that we are all capable of more than we think and ultimately to persevere in the face of adversity. Although the tree/figure may stand alone we are all intrinsically connected, this isn’t just my story – it’s also yours. The underlying message in this, is our oneness and that we are all connected.”   – Katherine Wood

Wood has always tried to create art that strikes deeper emotions and resonates with the viewer on a sublime level, that is beyond words. She hopes that through this body of work you are inspired to go deeper. Inspired to look into yourself, express yourself and connect with yourself.

Wood believes that we should surround ourselves only with things that are immensely useful or beautiful. There is so much beauty in this life, it should be embraced completely — including the lessons that can sometimes be very painful. Through finding connection, these pieces bring comfort and consolation in knowing although we appear alone, we are not.

Through her painting she hopes to create portals of solitude for the viewer to escape from life’s chaos and give relief and calmness to an ever-increasing frenetic world. When you stop the internal dialogue battle and let in stillness and silence, we are no longer subjecting ourselves to fear.

“I hope “Connection” creates portals of solitude for the viewer to escape from life’s chaos and give relief and calmness to an ever-increasing turbulent world. In creating just, a glimpse of something to define reality but allowing one to dream up any space or time. Taking the viewer into a deeper meditative outlet. Giving the mind a break. Amidst the serenity and calmness in these pieces we are able to exhale and let go.” – Katherine Wood

©  Red Hill Gallery

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