‘Beyond Form’ – Women Supporting Women in the Arts

Red Hill Gallery presents ‘Beyond Form’, a group show featuring four extraordinary female artists this July, 2024.

Opening on Friday, 12th July (6 – 8pm); the artworks from Judith Dalozzo, Charlotte Wensley, Emma Sheldrake, and Delia Vilhelm will take center stage and be sure to impress all who visit Red Hill Gallery, 61 Musgrave Rd, Brisbane, Qld.

This exhibition showcasing four fantastic artists will come together to bring a colourful and expressive collection of work. Inspired by the elements of abstract and figurative painting, each artist brings a distinct voice and style with their works incorporating a range of techniques from oils on canvas to mixed media, collaging and decoupage.

Colour is paramount to these artists and their works. As our gallery curator Freya explains “colour defines how we view the works and how we experience the works. The title ‘Beyond Form’ invites us to look beyond what we see and what we feel”.

This intentional all women exhibition aspires to showcase and celebrate contemporary female artists that will take you on a journey that celebrates the beauty in the benign.

Judith Dalozzo

Judith’s still life’s are a testament to the elegance of form, the subtle interplay of colour, and the tactile allure of texture. Through her still life compositions, she aspires to capture the transient moments of grace and tranquility that often go unnoticed. Her florals, imbued with a sense of vitality and grace, celebrate the natural world in its most intimate and expressive form. Her work is a dialogue between the tangible and the abstract, an exploration of the ephemeral beauty found in everyday objects and natural forms.

Judith says that her creative practice is “primarily driven by a desire to capture moments of chance encounter as they meet with knowledge and understanding of self, process and the materials I’m working with. I observe and contemplate emerging narratives retrospectively.”

Charlotte Wensley

Charlotte Wensley is a 2D abstract mixed media artist living and working near Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Charlotte’s abstract paintings unfold through curiosity, inquiry and a liminal approach to her mixed media work. Collage, printmaking, painting and drawing are integral parts of her working process and each painting is a unique fusion of different materials and techniques. There are no pre-destined outcomes for what a finished piece might look like. Instead she balances the accidental and the unexpected with decision making and response, drawing on her knowledge and understanding of shape, colour and technique to resolve each piece. Her creative practice is driven by desire to capture moments of chance encounter with emerging visual elements and materials.

Emma Sheldrake

Hailing from an artistic family, Emma Sheldrake has worked across a wide range of creative industries. Bold, striking, spontaneous and captivating, Emma’s works reflect the fact that painting liberates her passion and energy. Emma’s signature style drips with seductive intent, blending figurative art with the mischievousness of Pop Art and the subtleties of eroticism. Bold colour combinations, daring brush strokes, irreverent drips and enticing eyes define the power of her images to seduce the onlooker.

Largely influenced by her experiences in the fashion industry, her works are commentaries on how beauty is reflected in the media, its mesmeric portrayal and obscured depths. The flawless beauty of her subjects seeps from the pages of stereotyped fashion magazines into an unbound representation of character, rich with personality and evocative imperfections.

Delia Vilhelm

Delia’s art is a reflection of the intricate dance between the tangible and the intangible, the seen and the unseen. It seeks to capture the essence of moments often overlooked, to bring to light the beauty hidden in the mundane.

With a deep reverence for nature and the human experience, her art often blurs the lines between the organic and the abstract, infusing her pieces with a sense of ethereal beauty and wonder. Through the medium of painting, she explores the interplay of colours, shapes, patterns and textures to convey emotions, memories, and dreams. Delia elaborates “each stroke of my brush is a whisper of my inner world, an invitation for viewers to embark on their own personal journey of interpretation”.

Combining a beautiful collection of artworks, ‘Beyond Form’- a Four Women curation of works will exhibit from Saturday 13th July to 18th July, 2024 at Red Hill Gallery, 61 Musgrave Rd, Red Hill, Brisbane, Queensland.

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