Away with the Birds: Paul Margocsy

Paul Margocsy is an artist of many achievements: the first Australian selected to hang in the prestigious Leigh Yawkey Woodson ‘Birds in Art’ exhibition in America, 2 years running. Honored as fellowship member in the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia. Commissioned by Australia Post in 1991 to do a water bird series of stamps and he was subsequently commissioned by the United Nations to paint a series of endangered species in 1994, which was released in Vienna. Paul has had solo exhibitions in London and Japan, six solo shows in America and two at the exclusive “Raffles” Hotel in Singapore. In 2006, he became the first Australian wildlife artist to have a solo exhibition in Hong Kong.

Paul uses watercolour, gouache, acrylic and air brushes his backgrounds to achieve his iconic photo realistic effect. Using his photographic memory, Margocsy paints from the heart, with great compassion, knowledge, and love, to create touching portraits of birds as they are within their natural environment, untrammeled by human intervention. His uncanny pictorial sensibility has combined with his constant desire to learn all he can about birds, their behaviours and habitats, to evolve into a highly developed and sensitive mode of photorealism, and one that is entirely Paul’s own.

The works are titled with humorous phrases, upon reading the titles of his paintings, viewers are often heard to chuckle unconsciously to themselves or occasionally laugh out loud. The emotive titles provide the viewer with greater insight to the characters of the birds depicted, but through the eyes and ears of the artist.

“ For as long as I have been painting, I have always named each work after one of the apt phrases that spring into my mind, as if of their own accord, just as each artwork is complete. Many of these have a debt to the countless musicians I have listened to constantly over the years, and whose songs have filled my studio through long hours of painting; others are derived from some great film titles. To all those whose phrases I have borrowed, thank you for the inspiration and for all the wonderful music and movies. I should add that from time to time I change or re-use these phrases, as the mood takes me, so unlike the subject matter of each painting they should never be thought of as ‘fixed’. “
– Paul Margocsy (exceprt from his book ‘Away with the Birds’)

Red Hill Gallery is thrilled to be showing Paul Margocsy’s exhibition in our gallery as of 2/12/22, with all the pieces available to purchase!
Margocsy’s collection Away with the Birds is on our website for perusal.

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