The Muse, with STARR and Prima Ballerina, Lana Gauidello

We are thrilled to host STARR’s annual exhibition, ‘Jardin’ this month. ‘Jardin’, is inspired by the wonder of nature and its glorious flora and fauna. From her atmospheric and surreal land and cityscapes to her whimsical figurative work, Starr reveals her unyielding passion for nature and life in every brush stroke. Amongst several figurative works featuring in STARR’s November exhibition, is the portrait of Prima Ballerina Lana Jones. As an avid admirer and follower of the Australian Ballet, STARR’s passion has developed into a signature motif throughout her pieces. According to STARR, the beauty, elegance, and strength of ballet dancers act as a muse for her work.

For the piece, Rose de Amethyst, she was particularly excited to accommodate principal dancer, Lana Jones. Starr combines purple hues and bright florals with Lana’s silhouette to illustrate her grace and vibrancy. Originally born in the small town of Coffs Harbour, Jones began her studies at the Canberra Youth Ballet School where she first embraced her talent. In 1999, she relocated to Melbourne to attend The Australian Ballet School, where she graduated as a dux student.  Such prospects were quickly brought to fruition in 2002 when she joined the Australian Ballet. In 2005, she was both promoted to coryphée and granted the winning title of the highest accolade of its kind for the Australian Ballet; The Telstra Ballet Dancer Award. In 2010, Lana reached the peak of her career as a principal artist.

Rose De Amethyst combines colour and subject to illustrate the vibrancy and brilliance of Lana’s life. Critics across the country have described Lana’s dancing as ‘joyous’, ‘supernatural’, and ‘effervescent’,- adjectives so perfectly captured by STARR.  It is an honour to facilitate a work that represents a nexus point for two illustrious Australian artists.

We are delighted to present Starr’s newest series with you. The exhibition opens runs until the end of November.

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