Zohar: Meet the Artist // 2pm, 23rd December 2020

We invite you to come and meet the incredibly talented Zohar, creator of hand-sculpted artisan jewellery. Jewellery is always a very popular choice at Christmas – so to help you make a sparkling gift choice, have a peek at our beautiful jewellery works by Zohar.

Zohar’s work featured at Paris Fashion Week in October and we’re thrilled to have pieces from her new collection available this Christmas.

Zohar’s body of work was born out of a personal process since 2004, when Zohar left her home country of Israel. She set out looking for something that was lacking in her heart; little did she know, she was embarking on a life time journey. With a masters degree in microbiology from the Jerusalem University, Zohar’s practice as a jewellery artist only begun in 2017.

We feel lucky and proud to have Zohar’s jewellery in the gallery, and have her as a dear friend. With social awareness held dearly to her heart, 10% of any proceeds from her work goes towards charitable organizations. Zohar’s memorable, one-off creations are an expression of the spiritual process of re-wiring the consciousness.

WHEN: 2pm, Wednesday 23 December 2020

WHERE: Red Hill Gallery, 61 Musgrave Road, Red Hill


RSVP: Here

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