ZOHAR & Paris Fashion Week

A big congratulations is in order our dear friend and artist, Zohar Edelstein Budde, A.K.A. Zohar Jewellery.

At a time when the world has been seemingly standing still, Zohar has just returned from Paris Fashion Week where her jewellery has taken the fashion world by storm. This is a rare and lovely story of somebody who has had a positive light from this global pandemic.

“I had to overcome a huge, huge fear. This trip for me was about over coming fear of COVID-19 and choosing life! The show was amazing and I got featured at Elle, Marie Claire and Harper’s BAZAAR”

For the show, Zohar created 40 pieces for eight different looks. She did so in just three months, while recovering from the lethal bushfires which struck the Blue Mountains last summer, in addition to the global misery of COVID for most of 2020. Zohar outlined her experience at Paris Fashion Week:

The fitting was the night before the show. That was when I saw the clothes and the models for the first time. But I woke the morning of the show a different person, completely relaxed. It was hectic, and being in France, all the models came to be dressed at once. But it was so much fun.

Zohar’s body of work was born out of a personal process since 2004, when Zohar left her home country of Israel. She set out looking for something that was lacking in her heart; little did she know, she was embarking on a life time journey. With a masters degree in microbiology from the Jerusalem University, Zohar’s practice as a jewellery artist only begun in 2017.

My body of work was born out of a personal process I have been through since 2004, when I left my home and country of Israel. That was the time when I set out looking for something that was lacking in my heart.

Little did I know, I was embarking on a lifetime journey.

Working with wires as a means of re-writing her own neurological system, and progressively bringing about a change in her consciousness; Zohar’s inspiration comes from her own spiritual process that is influenced vividly by her evolving and growing connection to her Hebrew Culture.

We feel lucky and proud to have Zohar’s jewellery in the gallery, and have her as a dear friend. With social awareness held dearly to her heart, 10% of any proceeds from her work goes towards charitable organizations. Zohar’s memorable, one-off creations are an expression of the spiritual process of re-wiring the consciousness.

In early December, we will have some of Zohar’s new collection available for purchase in the gallery. In the meantime, check out our available works by Zohar, Zohar’s Meet The Artist Page, Zohar’s Instagram, or indulge in some Paris Fashion Week coverage featuring Zohar’s incredible, timeless designs.

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