Showcasing the new work of Queensland artist, Todd Whisson, ‘A Time and Place’ is sure to captivate a broad range of art lovers in what is set to be a mesmerizing month at Red Hill Gallery, Musgrave Road, Brisbane. The Exhibition opens in the Gallery on Friday 8 June.

 Todd WHISSON is a successful Australian impressionist artist who has been exhibiting for a number of years. Whisson’s work has a very loose and spontaneous feel to it, something that emerges from his passion for Alla Prima and Plein Air. His exceptional skill with traditional techniques shines through in his most recent work, by taking on a more abstract approach Whisson has been able to communicate more than just a visual representation of a time and place. The paintings featured in this collection include not only stunning land and seascapes but also still life.

“Maybe you’re standing in a place where the sky and the mountains are very dramatic, the trees have incredible colour and the water is vibrant.  You have to decide what you want your painting to be about, render that element most important, and then paint everything else to support it.” Todd Whisson

Todd Whisson’s Exhibition ‘A Time and Place’ will open on Friday 8 June and continue until Sunday 24 June 2018 at Red Hill Gallery, 61 Musgrave Road, Red Hill, Queensland.

The Exhibition is now previewing in the Gallery and Sales commence prior to opening.

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