Fantastic Four take centre stage

July is set to encapsulate and excite all who visit Red Hill Gallery, Musgrave Road, Brisbane; with an exhibition featuring not one, but four fantastic artists. Opening on Saturday 7 July Herman Pekel, Bruce Buchanan, Stephen Doyle and Keith Rowe will explode onto centre stage.

From the age of 12, Herman Pekel was addicted to paint – its tactile quality, the smell and the feel. Many years later and the obsession is still alive. The subject is of less consequence than the simple act of applying paint. As long as the shapes within the picture plane harmonise with one another, the obsession can continue. His tonal works, in both oil and watercolour, range from city and landscapes to café and bar interiors to dynamic industrial scenery. They all demonstrate the very best of contemporary impressionism. Pekel is a painter of immense talent and insight, and continues to actively exhibit across Australia and internationally.

Bruce Buchanan, is a realist landscape painter whose work includes both urban and natural landscapes – and often a combination of both. His watercolour paintings interpret the nature of the light and shadow of each subject and its changing moods. He continues to develop a subtle element of abstraction in some of his works which are essentially realist. Importantly, each painting is intended to provoke a feeling of connection with the viewer and to encourage a narrative of its own.

While not an impressionist per se, Stephen Doyle  certainly possesses a sensorial approach to picture making…he is seeking to capture the effect and feeling of light on form, to only include the necessary details required to convey the actuality of the subject and the atmosphere engulfing it, as opposed to being scientifically accurate in a copyist’s manner. His subject matter spans quite a broad scope to include sea/landscape, interiors and still life. In fact he candidly admits that he is propelled by his desire to paint the “perfect painting”.

For Keith Rowe colour is one of the back bones to his practice. As he goes about his day, he always finds inspiration in the streets and houses, recently he came across a tulip and the rest was history. The shape and colour inspired him, and he set out on a journey exploring these forms with their complex feathering and flamed petals. The pieces are carved and buffed to achieve a satin like surface, giving light a chance to flow and play across the works. There is a journey and a story. The seeds have all the ingredients, as the buds develop into flowers and pods, all growing and finally becoming husks that return to the earth and begin the process again.

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