Combining wildlife, the natural beauty of the landscape and the richest of colour palettes; Colin Passmore, Paul Margocsy and John Turton have combined to create an inspirational exhibition that showcases the very best of Australian Flora and Fauna. The exhibition opens on Friday 9 February 2018 at Red Hill Gallery in Musgrave Road, Brisbane and is sure to attract art lovers to enjoy the visual journey through nature.  

Colin PASSMORE with a keen eye and brilliant subtlety for colour, paints the wild bush land and native habitats in the hinterland, with spontaneity and orchestrated brushstrokes. Passmore is well known for his expressive renditions of the Australian landscape and condition by capturing the natural beauty of the bush.

Paul MARGOCSY’s passion for wildlife is evident. With remarkable drawing skills and a photographic memory, Margocsy is able to capture more than just the scientific accuracy but the charm and character of his subjects. Using Watercolour as a medium to portray this collection of wildlife, from the ever popular Boobook Owlets, Kingfishers and cheeky Finches, this collection will be appeal to both wildlife and art lovers alike.

JOHN TURTON is a semi abstract artist who conveys his love of the land through the vibrant and subtle shades of colour whilst portraying detail, depth and texture with light and energy in each of his distinctive images. “The images from my travels are the foundation of my artistic journey. As the painting evolves, it will often take itself in different directions.”

Despite working in different mediums and on different subject matters, each of these talented artists selected for this exhibition have a love of the Australian landscape and the wildlife that inhabits it. They all share a passion for creating unique pieces of art and are sure to be a hit with art lovers from Brisbane and Australia wide.

Red Hill Gallery is excited to be showcasing some fantastic artwork from artists Colin Passmore, Paul Margocsy and John Turton. The February Exhibition concludes on Sunday 25 February 2018.

©  Red Hill Gallery

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