Paintings from the highly-cultured and renowned Australian artist, Regina Noakes, will be featured in her new exhibition Small Windows at Brisbane’s Red Hill Gallery, 61 Musgrave Road, Red Hill from Friday 3 November 2017.

An award-winning, well-travelled and experienced artist, Regina Noakes’ career spans over 21 years and 45 solo exhibitions. Her work has been featured in Australia, Italy, USA and Malaysia, and is influenced by an array of sources – religious and tribal, Romanesque and Mughal art, and her own life experiences.

Regina’s artwork is governed by a surrealist and lyrical style, which has been a part of her creative vision since she first came in contact with a Surrealism magazine at the age of sixteen. With an appreciation for the ‘marvellous’, and the conflict between internal and external worlds, it is her instinct to create figurative work of great symbolism and emotional richness.

“Noakes achieves this by setting up a calmly ethereal parallel world, often through the masterful use of colour. Everything in this other place is alive with resonance and filled with swirling energy. No wonder the eyes of the model are always slightly bulbous with a kind of childish wonderment.” ~ John T. Spike, Art Critic

Red Hill Gallery is pleased to present this exquisite new body of artwork from an original artist such as Regina Noakes, and to offer art enthusiasts the unique opportunity to view and own paintings of remarkable narrative quality.

‘Small Windows’ is on show until Sunday 19 November and is not to be missed.

©  Red Hill Gallery

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