Vale ~ Glenys Lindsay ~ Passed over November 13, 2017

Remembering her Life from Dean Rusling I first met Glenys about 25 years ago; she rocked into the Foundry one day with a job to do for her and that was the start of many adventures with her Work. At that time she was a client but as the years went on, like a lot of my Clients, we became friends, except I feel Glenys had become a best friend. She had spent 20 years entwining herself within the fabric of the Foundry, my family, my kids and my grandkids. For years she worked for Brisbane Council in the Land and Parks (I think it was) and then around 2006 stopped work to be a full time carer for her very sick Mum. After the passing of her Mum she did go back to work for a while but then opted to retire early.

She was bit of a collector too, investing in other fine arts as well. Glenys’ other pastime was simply going to the plaza: lol! She had so many little trinkets at home, and her back yard had many a windmill, or some Solar charged light gizmo thingy for the night time display in her back yard, or something hanging off her clothes line where the wind would generate a movement in the piece.

My trips to Glenys’ place always resulted in coming away with more than I took there; there was always a bag of chips or nuts or lollies plus a drink for my trip home! Her studio was her dining room table, always something going on there. The table was always full of jars of brushes and sculpting tools; eyes and bits and pieces lying around with bits of wire etc. But, undoubtedly, you couldn’t have had a meal ever at the table for Sculpture accessories. And then, always right in the middle of the table with a bag over it, was her next work of art being produced in clay.

Her sculpting career has as per every other sculptor I’m sure – had it’s up and downs from : “I can’t sculpt, my work is crap…bla bla bla” to the always “well, I mean it this time Dean: I’m giving up sculpting, I’m not doing it anymore” – my answers were always “Ok! What are you making next”.

Glenys’ main Gallery has always been Redhill Gallery where she was much loved and respected. We even had a joint exhibition one year there at the gallery. She has done commissions for Redhill with the most prominent one being a large hairy nose wombat. She also did a large sculpture of a koala which sits outside the entrance to the Noosa National Park. Glenys was always involved in sculpture comps and our rivalry over trying to beat each other was always worth a laugh.

Her generosity outweighed everything I think. She gave a way as much sculpture as she sold. She loved the fact that someone would like her Work and thought it worthy of a purchase. I think out of all of it, that was the buzz in her life – that someone wanted her Sculptures: she always felt they weren’t good enough. Yet I think, if you tallied up her achievements by sales, she did make professional status as a sculptor. I felt she was very knowledgeable as well, across a broad spectrum, not just about art. We would converse on many different subjects at length. She had travelled a fair bit in her life; going to different countries checking out Sculpture wherever she went.

But man, could she talk on the phone! She would always finish by “well, I better let you get back to work” – which would follow with another question! Haha.

But above all though, Glenys was generous to whoever came into her life, whether it was her neighbours of many years, or the lawn mower man, or her own family, she was kind and forever helpful. I will miss her for sure. And even though the ever-present feeling of her still being here will pass, her memories for me will never go from my mind!

She has blessed my life for the good.


Written by Dean Rusling   ©  Red Hill Gallery

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