ArtChat [Blog Interview #86] – Creatures – Kayo Yokoyama

At first glance, the works created by Kayo Yokoyama are beautiful, peaceful and delicate. Using glass as her canvas, her latest collection “Creatures” is etched with intricate, wistful detail that invites a closer look. The inspiration behind this series is born from the idea of taking time to stop and look. Creatures live in this world with us and this series has frozen them in time. They are incredible, beautiful and unique – a whole other world waiting to be discovered. Quite simply, all Kayo wants is for people to look at these delicate creatures, hand etched onto contemporary glass and say “I love that – I want it.”


AC:  Tell us the inspiration behind your Exhibition title “Creatures”

KY:  Love of the planet and life.

 AC:  Have you had any noteworthy experiences with any creatures portrayed in this latest collection?

KY:  The first time I went to the beach and braved the ocean in Australia, I was stung by a Blue Bottle.


 AC:  If you weren’t an artist, what career would you be pursuing?

KY:  I would be a Professor on World Economy

 AC:  What inspires your artwork?

KY:  It takes time to really look at what’s surrounding us to admire our life; this new body of work is just like a time capsule. You have to freeze time to really look at what is happening in the world around you.

 AC:  The detail in this latest collection is mind-blowing, roughly how long does each piece take. Does it vary depending on size or the creature you are creating?

KY:  Every day is a different day, it all depends on my feeling and how motivated I am.


 AC:  If you could be a creature, which one would you be and why?

KY:  hmmm, no idea…

 AC:  In the past, you have likened the experience of engraving to a zen-like meditation, do you still feel this way?

KY:  For me, it has always been like this. I feel like I am working in a bubble. You need motivation to work and you need to get excited about what you are making.


AC:  What inspired you to engrave glass? Do you draw your idea first?

KY:  I wish I could, but I am not good with drawing, so I just look at glass and start to engrave.

 AC:  First it was trees, now it is creatures, what will come next?

KY:  The Moon…

“Creatures” an exhibition of amazing etched contemporary glass by Kayo Yokoyama continues at Red Hill Gallery, 61 Musgrave Road, Red Hill, Brisbane until Sunday 24 July 2016.

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