Art Chat Interview [#68 – Colin Passmore]

Colin PassmoreAfter seeing Colin Passmore’s latest series of paintings, Artchat could not wait to catch up with him to ask him about himself and his art!

In your words, how would you describe your paintings?

My paintings are expressive renditions of the Australian experience and condition, lively works that capture all that it means to be Antipodeans’!

Describe what you can see from your studio window?

My studio is my outside yard on the Sunshine Coast, coming inside when it rains; I see bamboo, Palms and tree ferns. Oh and mainly blue sky.

 Can you remember the first person who encouraged you to pursue a career as an artist?

Ah, I recall as an eight year old I was lauded by my class teacher to show the whole school my extra-curricular art works, at which time the penny dropped, recognition, praise and I loved doing them. Easy!

Who is your favourite artist/s at the moment and why?

Well, I am my favourite artist; hello … Picasso, Rothko, Pollock and De Kooning were great when alive.
Colin PassmoreBesides your love of the landscape what else inspires you to paint?

The creation of exciting works that are inspired by landscape, that stand alone as a single moving experience.

Do you listen to music when you paint? If so – what genre of music influences you most?

I at one time would listen to blues and drink coffee all night, (20 years ago) right now I am more likely to listen to the JJ selection of past and future greats. In the clear light of the day.

Do you have a favourite colour on the palette?

Looking back over 50 years of paintings I can see a colour apricot/salmon being a constant that is still attractive.

Colin Passmore will be showing alongside fellow painter Todd Whisson and ceramicist Bill Powell in the combined upcoming exhibition opening June 12 at Red Hill Gallery, 61 Musgrave Road Red Hill.
Colin Passmore

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