On Saturday 10 June 2017 Australian Figurative artist John Maitland returns to Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane with his latest exhibition “The Thin Black Line”. Maitland’s skillfully executed oil and acrylic paintings are informed by figurative expressionism and imbued with rigorous colour and texture to denote emotive nuance. The artwork achieves poignancy through a unique perspective which resonates throughout his cohesive presentation.

From a technical perspective, the Thin Black Line has always been an important element in my work. It not only delineates parts, or all, of figures and landscape, but is a pivotal part of the composition itself, etching an emotional track through the painting.” John Maitland

Maitland’s innovative style is created and conceived outdoors, exposed to the elements and the extreme heat of the sun. The built-up layers in his paintings are encouraged to crack and fissure giving an aged appearance resembling archaic surfaces. Broad, sweeping brushstrokes and the strength of his paint application give rawness and beauty in an understated way.

The Thin Black Line is used in conjunction with the natural movement of the hand, like a sensor of my own emotions. In more recent works I use the thin black line to incorporate borders around the perimeter and bring the work together. This exhibition painted exclusively for Red Hill Gallery, showcases an acknowledgement of what have become personal motifs of how I express myself. The ballerinas, a personal favourite of mine, are rarely depicted dancing. My interest is in capturing the apprehension before the performance itself, or quite simply, the elation or sheer exhaustion experienced after a performance. The kite, mother and child, boy and horse, all celebrate innocence, exuberance, freedom, and emotion.” John Maitland

John Maitland’s Exhibition ‘The Thin Black Line’ will open on Saturday 10 June and continue until Sunday 25 June 2017 at Red Hill Gallery, 61 Musgrave Road, Red Hill, QLD.

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