Ground Work by Adrienne Williams written for Wide Bay Regional Gallery

Adrienne Williams is currently abroad doing workshops in the US after her recent exhibition “Landscape Immersion” at Red Hill Gallery. Adrienne has been sketching and painting ancient grass trees from around her rural home in Mt Perry. In her recent series Adrienne combines traditional landscape elements with the lush blues and greens from recent rains, and vivid colours from regional biodiversity maps. These works of hope express her love of wild places through a contemporary colourist’s interpretation.


An early sunrise pickup made for a beautiful walk out on the Sierra Vista Trail – it would be difficult to tire of the view of the Organ Mountains. I have a feeling there will be a lot of vegetation picture posting, as the plant life is extraordinary.

These first few days have taken some settling in, like a nesting process. Gathering ‘places’ and materials and the basics, Catherine and Dave have both been very generous and BRAVE, loaning me their cars, and I head off on my first solo adventure in the morning – returning to this trail and a couple of spots along the way that got me excited about sketching.



Up close to the rocks, it’s hard to resist some rock rubbing, such a beautiful and fast way to add some ground to the paper. (Thanks for the pic, Dave.) I was taught to wash water over the reverse side of the paper and this allows the paper to press into the rock. Smooth paper is best, and I was using a graphite stick. There’s something nice about the landscape itself helping form the bones of the sketch.


Post-hike found me back at the art shop and seeking lots of advice on the brands and medium styles foreign to me. I had planned to postpone working in colour for now, but discovered resistance is useless! I did manage to bring an AS Australian Red Gold from home. I think I’m set and settled now and ready for a sunrise sketch to beat the heat.










The RHG Team is looking forward to hearing all about Adrienne Williams trip and seeing first hand what she has learnt while abroad.



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