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“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.”                        Lewis Caroll – Alice adventures in Wonderland
Imagination is taken to a new level with popular Brisbane artist STARR and her new exhibition. She is as bright, outrageously eccentric and incredibly as unpredictable as her artwork.  The colour  pink is her favourite colour and she wears it on her sleeve… literally. Love and romance is amongst her favourite things, along with her beloved car … a pink corvette of course!
STARR Starr began her professional career at Red Hill Gallery in 2001 where her popularity has increased to new heights. The gallery has hosted many sell-out exhibitions featuring Starr. She creates works that become contemporary icons. Her subject matter is both familiar and universal in appeal. The lush layered surfaces are worked with fast-saturated colour and her signature calligraphic line that traces time and energy.  Starr is a voyeur who has created a unique signature style, creating narrative series and individual works that have become highly collectable.

You can loose yourself down rabbit holes, meet Alice In Wonderland or jump into a pink corvette and be transported into the magical land of Starr. If you like to holiday from reality and visit an imaginary world, then Starr will take you on a luminous journey exploring castles, halls of mirrors, wondrous colourful blooming gardens, princesses in Paris, London, the bright lights of New York and even Brisbane’s iconic Story Bridge.
STARRBrisbane city is alive and jumping at the moment following the successful celebrations for the G20 where world leaders gathered at Southbank. Amongst all the amazing events,  and festivities  Starr’s  exhibition opening at Red Hill Gallery was a must, the arty crowd turned out in force for the opening of “Wanderlust”.  This collection features Starr’s brand new series of work which captivates and brings to life that glorious fantasy world we all like to escape to. Exhibiting November 2014 at Red Hill Gallery 61 Musgrave Road Brisbane Queensland.

Come along to Red Hill Gallery and see why Brisbane loves Starr… see you there!STARR

In the words of Lewis Caroll … “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
©  Red Hill Gallery


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