Herman Pekel: Impression of an Artist

“There is no-one in the world that can put a painting together and make them work the way he can; his design is impeccable.” – Joseph Zbukvic on Herman Pekel.

Herman Pekel

Whereas most punters return from the Eagle Farm racecourse with an empty wallet and a sore head, Herman Pekel returned newly inspired for his upcoming exhibition at Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane.  Such is the breadth of his subject matter, which ranges from broad Australian landscapes to urban life and intimate cafe scenes.

Pekel’s charisma, energy and infectious sense of humour are palpable in his works. It should come as no surprise that at age 17, receiving his first significant art prize, Pekel rocked up on stage wearing his school uniform.

Pekel is a true designer of paintings. His works are refined and detailed, placing him among the best Australian contemporary Impressionists of his time.
Herman Pekel

It is easy to see why Pekel is described as creatively fearless. His mastery of capturing the spontaneous effects of light and atmosphere is apparent in the quick, broad strokes of his oil paintings on exhibit at Brisbane’s Red Hill Gallery. Pekel effortlessly combines his knowledge of artistic tradition and quality with an intimate appreciation of the unique light of the land down under.

“If it is light, leave it white” – Robert Regis Dvorak

Painting with fellow Australian artist Joseph Zbukvic and Alvaro Castagnet, the “three amigos” emphasise that when it comes to painting, it’s not about what you put in but what you leave out. So much is evident from Pekel’s vibrant landscapes and cafe scenes which capture Pekel’s passion for strong design and powerful impact – every brushstroke vibrant and visible.

Check out Pekel and his amigos at work (and see what we mean about his sense of humour!) in this clip from Graeme Stevenson’s ‘Colour in Your Life’ on this link – Joseph Zbukvic, as shown painting with Pekel, is due to exhibit at Red Hill Gallery later in the year.

Director of Red Hill Gallery Margaret Campbell-Ryder agrees that, “only Herman Pekel can create atmospheric paintings that can draw you into their realism.” Margaret invites you to “discover the master artist Herman Pekel” and see “how he has developed his international following to the extent to evolve into one of Australia’s most influential artistic talents.”

Pekel’s self-titled exhibition will be on display at the Gallery next month, opening on Sunday 6 April 2014.


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