ArtChat with Denise Murray [Blog Interview Number 1]

Welcome to the very first in our series of blog interviews.  This month we chat to artist Denise Murray about her cold cast bronze work

AC: What is Cold Cast Bronze?

DM:  Cold Cast Bronze is a way to own a bronze at much less expense.
The pieces are first modelled in wax or clay. A plaster mould is taken from the finished sculpture.

From this plaster mould a “master” is cast in resin. After the master is sanded and smoothed a silicon rubber mould is made.

Instead of the traditional bronze, cold cast bronze is in the form of a fine powder.  This is mixed with resin and painted into the silicon mould and allowed to catalyse.

The mould is then sealed and filled with resin. A sheet of lead is added to the final pour to add weight to the work. When the piece comes out of the mould it is sanded, the seams are filled with additional bronze resin and it is polished to bring the bronze to the surface.

It is then given a patina and a final polish. I after a while, if the surface is dull it can be brought back by polishing with the finest steel wool (0000 grade) and a little brasso. I do not like to lacquer them as it gives them an artificial glossy look.

AC: What Inspires you to create?

DM: Every human being on the planet has a strong urge to communicate and for me visual communication feels more natural and honest. If I can do that with a painting or sculpture then that makes me happy.There is a strong satisfaction in turning an idea in your head into a reality which can be seen and felt in the real world.

AC: In three words describe your art

DM: Tangible, honest, expressive.

AC: How do you spend your leisure time?

DM: What little there is of it… reading, music etc. I don’t like going out unless I have to and feel very happy in my own environment alone or with my partner.

AC: Who is your role model or the person you most admire

DM: From an artistic point of view it would have to be Egon Schiele… an incredible, powerful talent cut down way to soon.

AC: What music are you listening to (While you create?)

In the morning Classic FM and in the afternoon Jazz radio.

You can view some of Denise Murrays work at Red Hill Gallery or Online HERE



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