“In Wonderland” Regina Noakes – Indulge Magazine 02.05.2019

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Ken Strong Exhibiting at Red Hill Gallery – May 2019

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Colour in Your Life – Joseph Zbukvic paints an amazing street scene

View Joseph Zbukvic @ Red Hill Gallery

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ARTIST STATEMENT: Regina Noakes ‘Between Dreams and Memories’

Photograph courtesy of Viva Photography, Subiaco

Both dreams and memories are both personal and universal so I hope that everyone can take something from this collection of paintings in some way. I am attempting to draw the viewer in and to have him or her experience and grasp the ‘puzzle’ and by bringing in a bit of themselves too. My work deals a lot with identity and the figures search to find themselves, as mothers, as women, as children, as artists.  The women in our family constantly recall memories and stories from the past and ‘dreaming’ is very much encouraged.

I draw and paint from imagination, instead of from life, as this gives me a freedom to express and explore ideas and themes. My work is often large-scale, brightly coloured with primal and primitive compositions with their motifs and content invariably overshadowing discussion of their formal properties. I come from Romanesque and Mughal heritage and this too permeates my work.

I am known and am unapologetic for my female perspective in my artworks. I try to create a bond between realism as their defining style and a narrative which focuses on single moments, mysterious and revealing at the same time. Most works manifest a distillation of collected experiences into a visual unity, time and feeling. There is an essence of myself, combined with elements of alter egos and moods to match any given day. Art inevitably reveals your life and you as a person, exposing you to your audience, and you become very aware of what you choose to present and what you choose to hold back or, maybe, modify.

There are so many mysteries in life. Motherhood is one of them and a subject that is quite a significant part of my work. It dominates the way you take. No matter how much you think you’re going to be able to keep going on your route, it really affects you.  Nurturing kids, (even now with adult sons, daughter and daughters-in-laws), nurturing your creativity, all of that still feeds into my work in a very positive way.

‘Creativity and nurturing have become intertwined. All becomes quite a significant part of my work.’

Regina Noakes 2019


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Artist, John Maitland, shares his experience on painting Cats for this exhibition.

Painting cats is something very new for me, but I found the challenge very interesting! My first response was to research the history of the bond between people and cats.

The fire was lit when I heard the poem Pangur Ban (the White Cat) which gave me a greater understanding of how close our relationship has been with these little animals, and just about for ever….As the poem illustrates, the illustrator  and scholar  working on the illuminated manuscripts by candle light and Pangur Ban his sole companion, the cat, keeping his environment free of pests . They are both looking after each other’s interests and the scholar’s biggest need is the companionship offered by the sleek, purring, lightning- like assailant of the small inhabitants behind the monastery walls!

The second inspiring moment arrived just before Christmas when my daughter’s Tom cat (apparently) gave birth to a litter of kittens.

Archie my grandson, aided and abetted by granddaughter Sarah, organised a fitting and proper and very comfortable nursery for the tiny newcomers……on the best chair in the house! It was all pink and grand until, with only one kitten left, the temporary protective seat cover was removed ….. unveiling the fact, it had been very ineffective.

Eight weeks later…….

The next painting, I made was “The Last Man Standing”. As the other kittens had now gone to new home, the chair had to be reupholstered and is showing off the family’s brand-new addition, the one no one else wanted.  Jeffery is pictured-proudly sitting on his new blue chair.

“We’ve Found Her”

Hands up any parent who hasn’t heard that triumphant and highly emotional cry!

Everyone’s looked for the missing kitten without success and just when you think everything’s really good the cry rings out…….oh! such joy.

With the other paintings my aim was to capture the “essence “of cat.  Tom speaks for himself, Pangur and friends depicts the subject with his chums doing what cats do and of course Autolicus, fierce proud and aloof.

I think AlOOf is the essence of cat!


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Cats – a small domesticated carnivorous mammal with soft fur, a short snout, and retractile claws. In this case, an exhibition featuring this much-loved animal like you’ve never seen before. Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane is set to open its doors on Saturday 9 February for a CAT-tastic Exhibition featuring all things feline. This exhibition
is sure to excite cat lovers and art lovers alike, with nearly the entire stable of artists contributing their Puurrrrfect artworks.
We hope we haven’t caught you CAT-napping because CATS THE EXHIBITION, is about to begin. With a selection of paintings, etchings, ceramics, glass and sculpture there is sure to be something to tickle your whiskers for every cat lover out there. We can’t wait for this CAT-astrophe to begin! The Puurrrrfect way to kick start the Red Hill Gallery 2019 Exhibition Calendar. We’re FELINE Fabulous with excitement!


Red Hill Gallery is located at 61 Musgrave Road, Red Hill, Brisbane QLD, and is open seven days.

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With the lead up to Christmas well on its way, Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane is set to encapsulate and excite all who visit with an exhibition featuring not one, but four of our fabulous femme fatales. Opening on Saturday 1 December Danielle McManus, Denise Murray, Christine Reilly and Simonn Schumacher combine to showcase a visually inspiring collection of artworks.

Intertwining experiences from everyday life with her Maltese heritage, Danielle McManus produces superbly whimsical artworks and ceramics. Relying on the beauty of the landscape as a constant backdrop, her inspiration at present is drawn from everyday life. Her three children provide her with a constant stream of ideas and that along with the changing seasons of the Hunter Valley, and the birds and fauna there, supply more than enough material! Whether fictional or based on real life events McManus’s love of story telling is evident in her colourful, figurative offerings.

For Denise Murray, her sculptures use form and expression to communicate. Body language has always held a fascination for her and the message received is immediate and without guile. Murray’s Dancer series is a celebration of the joy of life, the figures are pared down to the essentials, giving expression to the limbs. With a stunning collection including Welded Bronze Sculptures, Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures and Cold Cast Bronze Sculptures, each artwork is a feast for the eyes.

With over 35 years’ experience both in front of and behind the canvas, Christine Reilly is a respected and imaginative Queensland artist. The figurative work in this collection has come together, marrying in part Reilly’s observation, people watching, memory, imagination and some photography, for reference. She strives to portray all her characters with colour and movement making them come alive on the canvas. Her work
demonstrates a long-held love of travel and chronicles not only the progression of her subjects and style but also her own journey as an artist and woman.

Having drawn ever since she was a young girl, Simonn Schumacher has exhibited worldwide. After a life of travelling overseas on one venture or another, she studied under the tuition of Michael John Taylor in Lismore and feels that the greatest lesson learned during this time, was to paint what you feel and not to think too much, as this has the ability to block the natural flow of creativity. This is evidenced in her highly distinctive and
individual style with her luscious, sassy and often soulful paintings.

‘La Femme’ showcases the stunning artwork of four very talented female artists and is set to take centre stage at Red Hill Gallery in the lead up to Christmas. Each artist brings their own uniqueness and vibrant colour palettes to what is set to be a stunning feast for the eyes.

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Graeme Stevenson (Colour in Your Life)

In this fine art TV show episode Adrienne Williams is interviewed with Colour In Your Life about painting, drawing, art workshops, art tips and art techniques.

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Sunday Courier Mail U On Sunday – 11 11 2018

View Joseph Zbukvic’s work at Red Hill Gallery now.

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My proposal is to sculpt and mimic nature by weaving pulled glass cane through existing human artefacts and natural vines in the forest. Art can mimic nature, by seeking to visually replicate objects as they appear in real life. Art can open our eyes to the intricacy and beauty of the natural world. It is a challenge to express our complex human connection to nature. The artwork proposes to draw attention to this complex relationship. Pulled glass canes mimic the vines and plants which cover an old coal sieve, which remains, slowly rusting away in the rainforest. This work has the ability to interact with and educate the viewer about what miners used to do in the forest, spreading awareness about their lives. We feel an instinctual need to take care of the things we feel connected to. Often in our busy lives, we seem to take some of the important things for granted. History is an important factor for me, learning about the past and its connection to my life now.

Produced by KFM Media

Kayo Yokoyama – at Red Hill Gallery 2018

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Paintings, sketches and Hand-etched glass what more could you want?

Internationally acclaimed watercolourist Joseph Zbukvic and hand-etched contemporary glass artist Kayo Yokoyama reunite for their bi-annual Solo exhibitions at Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane on Friday 9 November 2018.

A leading master of the watercolour medium of his time, Joseph Zbukvic’s impressive achievements and enormous success is due to his ability to transform any subject into visual poetic language. Covering infinite subjects, his sensitive, lyrical and atmospheric paintings have captured people and galleries from all over the world. For Zbukvic, the last two years have been extremely busy with much travel and many new ventures, particularly in China, where he has become somewhat of a celebrity. The Chinese invented watercolours and have embraced Zbukvic with total devotion. However, he never forgets his supporters and faithful followers in Australia, and always sets aside those special pieces for his bi-annual show at Red Hill.

For contemporary glass artist Kayo Yokoyama, her work centres on the theme of home. This specific collection, entitled ‘Secret Garden’, quotes the same title as the ever popular book by Frances Hodgson Burnett. “If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” This is how Yokoyama sees her world sometimes. From her perspective, you have to nurse it, admire it, otherwise the world won’t be there in the future. With a love of English literature and the meanings that can be found in-between the lines, Yokoyama quotes “At first people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, then they see it can be done – then it is done and all the world wonders why it was not done centuries ago”.

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Enchanting… Dreamlike… Starry-eyed… each aptly describes Starr’s latest collection of artworks, recently gathered in her latest solo exhibition ‘Stardust’.

On Friday 12 October Red Hill Gallery will open its doors with an enchanting explosion of colour. We invite art lovers and collectors alike to discover her artistic talents, with their very own ‘starry eyes’.

Starr has been painting her entire life, and has been selling her bright, romantic and energetic works for nearly as long. She reflects a sense of Expressionist movement, with a modern twist. Embedded with a sense of immediacy, Starr’s works invite the viewer to recognise the beauty and importance of every moment, whether these be in the bustling cities of Brisbane, Paris, London, and New York, or in the entrancing landscapes of Starr’s own imagination. Her rapidly expanding career has propelled her worldwide; with works being exhibited and collected in Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States.

This October’s ‘Stardust’ exhibition extends from Starr’s previous ‘Wanderlust’ show, which revealed a passionate love for towering cityscapes, and includes her brand-new Tiffany & Co. series. The figurative, still-life and fantasy showcased in each painting, eagerly arise in one of Starr’s most exciting shows yet.“Vincent van Gogh once said, ‘Go out and paint the stars,’ and that quote was the inspiration that has been inside me while painting this entire body of work. I have taken that advice both literally, in my series of starscapesand almost enchantingly, as it feels as though my every brushstroke has been undertaken in a dream-like state.” – Starr


Red Hill Gallery – Starr Exhibition Nov 2014

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Every work of art has its own intrinsic qualities that will inform your reading of it.
What is it about? What is happening here? What is your interpretation?

On Friday 7 September, Red Hill Gallery is set to open its doors for another powerhouse exhibition by Queensland artist Dean Reilly. His colourful and diverse new collection ‘Exhibition Untitled; layers of meaning’ is incredibly bold, yet offers a thought-provoking insight into pop culture and 20th-century modern art.

In recent years, Reilly has been named a finalist in two of Australia’s most prestigious Art Awards, the Archibald Prize and the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize. With several very successful solo and group exhibitions, his paintings are part of many significant collections from both Australia and worldwide.

As a classically trained artist and graduate of the Australian Design College, Reilly’s works are highly acclaimed for their style, design and variation. Currently studying a double degree at Curtin University in Fine Arts and Visual Culture, this new critical and reflective thinking is vastly evident in Reilly’s artwork as he enters a completely new level of curiosity. It is for these reasons he is rapidly becoming one of Australia’s sought-after artists as his unique paintings continue to delight.

“My practice ranges across many styles, underpinned by my graduate studies. It represents a search for ideas that can represent modern life and the human condition. Through the exhibition “Untitled” I am experimenting with the idea of personal interpretation. I have removed my own didactical interpretations to allow the viewer to be guided by their visual experience. Hopefully this will deliver an experience unique to them as they are empowered to create their own layers of meaning.” Dean Reilly



David Hinchliffe is back with his new collection of “Recent Paintings”, exhibiting at Red Hill Gallery. On Friday 10 August, the gallery will open its door for what is sure to be a memorable Hinchliffe extravaganza. With scenes from New York, London, Paris, Brisbane and many more, this globe trotting artists style is sure to steal the hearts of many art lovers and collectors.

Since his first solo exhibition in 1976 in Toowoomba Australia at the age of 21, Hinchliffe has had more than 60 solo exhibitions including paintings, sculpture and photographs in locations around the world. He has been painting, exhibiting and selling his work in galleries since the age of 12 and won numerous competitions as a young artist (Sunday Mail Art Prize, ABC Argonauts Award, Atlantic City Sculpture Award, Toowoomba Gemini prize). He is also a regular finalist in Tattersalls Landscape Prize. Described by the late Australian Artist James Gleeson as having an “exceptional talent”, he has emerged from 3 decades of work in the public domain to return with renewed passion to his career as a painter.
Hinchliffe’s recent work deals with the urban environment in its many forms in cities around the world as well as an abiding affinity with the Australian landscape. It is a response to light. He likes the movement of light across a surface — whether it be a valley, river, street or the human form.

He particularly enjoys the shapes, the noise and the shadows of city landscapes – whether it’s the drama of lower East Side in New York, the reflections in the canals of Venice, the romance of Paris streets, the crowded pedestrian footpaths of Brisbane city, or the treed streets near his home in inner suburban New Farm and studio in Fortitude Valley Australia.

“I know it’s fashionable to say that painting is a ‘release’ from the pressures of the world or that the act of painting keeps the artist ‘sane’. I don’t find that at all. I feel quite ‘insane’ when I’m painting. I feel an enormous concentration and focus when I paint…and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

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Fantastic Four take centre stage

July is set to encapsulate and excite all who visit Red Hill Gallery, Musgrave Road, Brisbane; with an exhibition featuring not one, but four fantastic artists. Opening on Saturday 7 July Herman Pekel, Bruce Buchanan, Stephen Doyle and Keith Rowe will explode onto centre stage.

From the age of 12, Herman Pekel was addicted to paint – its tactile quality, the smell and the feel. Many years later and the obsession is still alive. The subject is of less consequence than the simple act of applying paint. As long as the shapes within the picture plane harmonise with one another, the obsession can continue. His tonal works, in both oil and watercolour, range from city and landscapes to café and bar interiors to dynamic industrial scenery. They all demonstrate the very best of contemporary impressionism. Pekel is a painter of immense talent and insight, and continues to actively exhibit across Australia and internationally.

Bruce Buchanan, is a realist landscape painter whose work includes both urban and natural landscapes – and often a combination of both. His watercolour paintings interpret the nature of the light and shadow of each subject and its changing moods. He continues to develop a subtle element of abstraction in some of his works which are essentially realist. Importantly, each painting is intended to provoke a feeling of connection with the viewer and to encourage a narrative of its own.

While not an impressionist per se, Stephen Doyle  certainly possesses a sensorial approach to picture making…he is seeking to capture the effect and feeling of light on form, to only include the necessary details required to convey the actuality of the subject and the atmosphere engulfing it, as opposed to being scientifically accurate in a copyist’s manner. His subject matter spans quite a broad scope to include sea/landscape, interiors and still life. In fact he candidly admits that he is propelled by his desire to paint the “perfect painting”.

For Keith Rowe colour is one of the back bones to his practice. As he goes about his day, he always finds inspiration in the streets and houses, recently he came across a tulip and the rest was history. The shape and colour inspired him, and he set out on a journey exploring these forms with their complex feathering and flamed petals. The pieces are carved and buffed to achieve a satin like surface, giving light a chance to flow and play across the works. There is a journey and a story. The seeds have all the ingredients, as the buds develop into flowers and pods, all growing and finally becoming husks that return to the earth and begin the process again.

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Showcasing the new work of Queensland artist, Todd Whisson, ‘A Time and Place’ is sure to captivate a broad range of art lovers in what is set to be a mesmerizing month at Red Hill Gallery, Musgrave Road, Brisbane. The Exhibition opens in the Gallery on Friday 8 June.

 Todd WHISSON is a successful Australian impressionist artist who has been exhibiting for a number of years. Whisson’s work has a very loose and spontaneous feel to it, something that emerges from his passion for Alla Prima and Plein Air. His exceptional skill with traditional techniques shines through in his most recent work, by taking on a more abstract approach Whisson has been able to communicate more than just a visual representation of a time and place. The paintings featured in this collection include not only stunning land and seascapes but also still life.

“Maybe you’re standing in a place where the sky and the mountains are very dramatic, the trees have incredible colour and the water is vibrant.  You have to decide what you want your painting to be about, render that element most important, and then paint everything else to support it.” Todd Whisson

Todd Whisson’s Exhibition ‘A Time and Place’ will open on Friday 8 June and continue until Sunday 24 June 2018 at Red Hill Gallery, 61 Musgrave Road, Red Hill, Queensland.

The Exhibition is now previewing in the Gallery and Sales commence prior to opening.

©  Red Hill Gallery

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April is set to intrigue at Red Hill Gallery, Musgrave Road, Brisbane; with a tantalising exhibition titled “Deserted Wilderness” that features artworks by Adrienne Williams, Terry Swann and Pam Walpole. Opening on Friday 13th of April 2018 this intriguing trio of artists brings an array of different perspectives and styles to the gallery, each creating captivating landscapes that art lovers are bound to get lost in. 

Adrienne WILLIAMS embarks on a new body of work with her latest collection ‘Saturday Morning Fever’; following a move to the seaside her work has taken a new direction. Utilising traditional landscape painting elements and maintaining Plein Air sketching as an integral part of her work, Williams creates intriguing colourist compositions. These compositions explore the relationship between wild places and altered landscapes.

Terry SWANN is a contemporary landscape watercolourist, her paintings are an exploration of place and take the viewer on a journey into landscape. Swann captures the essence of the landscape by drawing on the connection she feels to the land in Australia’s remote areas. Engaging with Plein Air techniques and painting in the moment, Swann allows each artwork to take on a life of its own as she drives emotions through it.

Pam WALPOLE’s works are comprised of bold gestures in a minimalistic contemporary style and are always all about the landscape. Walpole portrays the patterns and reflections of natural landscapes such as bushlands, waterways, creeks and coastal inlets. She is often inspired by features in the landscape that are by-products of bushfires, floods, coastal erosion or man-made destruction.

From the rugged and harsh terrain of the desert, the wild and lush scenery of the bush, and the calming coastal waters by the sea; ‘Deserted Wilderness’ captures the exploration of Australia’s diverse landscapes through the eyes of Adrienne Williams, Terry Swann and Pam Walpole.

“Deserted Wilderness” will conclude on Sunday April 29 2018. Red Hill Gallery is thrilled to be showcasing the artwork of three very talented women. If you’re a Brisbane local or visiting the South East over Easter or for the Commonwealth Games, make sure you drop in.

©  Red Hill Gallery

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March is set to explode at Red Hill Gallery, Musgrave Road, Brisbane; with an astounding exhibition titled “By the Brush” that features artworks by Karen Atkins, Julie Hutchings and Emma Sheldrake. Opening on Friday 9 March 2018 this hot to trot posse of female artists have created a breathtaking collection of fantastical paintings that are sure to imprint on art lovers minds.

Karen ATKINS visionary series encapsulates the ideal of ‘Lost Girls and Found Things’. This series started its life thinking about Alice, and how confronted by difficult situations and not always knowing where she was, she used her brawn and her charm to find her way through. As Alice falls down the proverbial rabbit hole she ends up in Australia and this birthed the “Alice in Gondwanaland” series.

Julie HUTCHINGS paintings are inspired by the human form, often conveying an emotional journey of adventure and imagination. Her work is born from a deep personal mindset which reflects not only on the past but on current situations. Built from layers of paint and descriptive marks, Hutchings work is expressive and impressionistic in approach, with a combination of poetic colour wash and sensitive drawing.

Emma SHELDRAKE harks back to old her inspirations in ‘birds of a feather,’ coupling vibrant species of birds with the seductive nature of the female face in a series of striking montages. These works represent a resurgence of her pop style featuring bold brush strokes, subtle drips and vivid imagery. Each painting emits its own quirky and retro vibe, pushing the artistic boundaries and giving insight into the happenings of Sheldrake’s thoughts.

‘By the Brush’ incorporates artwork from three very different artists and brings together a kaleidoscope of colour, individual styles, and a passion for the artistic world each inhabit. “It is wonderful to see women with a strong sense of style that appeal to a broad and ever evolving art loving market.” Margaret Campbell-Ryder, Gallery Director. Collectively the bold and adventurous use of colour completes this fantastical exhibition.

‘By The Brush” will conclude on Sunday March 25 2018. If you’re in Brisbane or happen to be visiting during the month of March, make sure you add this to you list of things to see.

©  Red Hill Gallery

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Combining wildlife, the natural beauty of the landscape and the richest of colour palettes; Colin Passmore, Paul Margocsy and John Turton have combined to create an inspirational exhibition that showcases the very best of Australian Flora and Fauna. The exhibition opens on Friday 9 February 2018 at Red Hill Gallery in Musgrave Road, Brisbane and is sure to attract art lovers to enjoy the visual journey through nature.  

Colin PASSMORE with a keen eye and brilliant subtlety for colour, paints the wild bush land and native habitats in the hinterland, with spontaneity and orchestrated brushstrokes. Passmore is well known for his expressive renditions of the Australian landscape and condition by capturing the natural beauty of the bush.

Paul MARGOCSY’s passion for wildlife is evident. With remarkable drawing skills and a photographic memory, Margocsy is able to capture more than just the scientific accuracy but the charm and character of his subjects. Using Watercolour as a medium to portray this collection of wildlife, from the ever popular Boobook Owlets, Kingfishers and cheeky Finches, this collection will be appeal to both wildlife and art lovers alike.

JOHN TURTON is a semi abstract artist who conveys his love of the land through the vibrant and subtle shades of colour whilst portraying detail, depth and texture with light and energy in each of his distinctive images. “The images from my travels are the foundation of my artistic journey. As the painting evolves, it will often take itself in different directions.”

Despite working in different mediums and on different subject matters, each of these talented artists selected for this exhibition have a love of the Australian landscape and the wildlife that inhabits it. They all share a passion for creating unique pieces of art and are sure to be a hit with art lovers from Brisbane and Australia wide.

Red Hill Gallery is excited to be showcasing some fantastic artwork from artists Colin Passmore, Paul Margocsy and John Turton. The February Exhibition concludes on Sunday 25 February 2018.

©  Red Hill Gallery

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