Women In Art

The Gallery was overwhelmed at the reception of the “Women In Art” opening on Saturday afternoon.

Kicking off at 1pm, the gallery was immediately inundated with support for our artists. Zohar Edelshtein, Kate Barry and Chloe Hart spoke with grace and vigor about their unique journeys as artists, their inspiration and their plans for the future. Following, our director Margaret Campbell- Ryder officially introduced all eight artists. What a truly remarkable indication of what women can achieve, and who they impact through their expression.

Zohar Edelshtein

Zohar Edelstein is the beautiful creator of hand-sculptured artisan jewelry, born out of a personal process since 2004, when Zohar left her home country of Israel. We had the privilege of hearing from Zohar and her experience featuring in Paris Fashion Week.

From Paris Fashion Week to lockdown in Sydney, but Zohar is on a high - +61J

Kate Barry

Working as an abstract painter, Kate’s works are driven by instinctive and emotional responses to landscape and the energy of human interconnection. Her works explore layering, vitality of pattern, gestural mark-making and colour.

“I get lost in the series of painted marks as they charter a rough course across the canvas. Painting pulls me between reality and the subconscious. Visual passages travelled and traces of snatched emotional responses are left upon the surface. As we pass by we allow ourselves to be drawn in”.

Chloe Hart

Chloe Hart Artist - David Hart Galleries

Chloe Hart is the granddaughter of iconic Australian artist, Pro Hart, yet makes her own mark as a professional artist with a focus on abstract action paintings. Chloe’s artwork is the feature of a recently published book. Chloe discussed how her writing and painting each inform the other, and her future plans to publish a novel.

Red Hill Gallery
Sam Suttie
Oil Painter based in Queensland
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Leah Anketell
Oil Painter Based In NSW
Lisa Lee
Oil Painter based in Queensland
Red Hill Gallery
Hetty Doyle
Watercolourist Based in Brisbane
Oil Painter based in Brisbane
Exhibition Opening Day
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