Supporting Brisbane’s Emerging Artists – Al Lane

In The Studio
“L’appel Du Vide”

AL is a contemporary artist whose abstract expressionist paintings are best known for their interplay of movement and stillness. Her work is the first to feature in our 2021 up and coming artists program with gallery Director and artist mentor – Margaret Campbell- Ryder.

Red Hill Gallery is thrilled to be apart of Brisbane’s flourishing art scene – one that continues to warm and inspire us.

AL’s gestural style gives viewers the sense of witnessing a dream or dance – thick bold brushstrokes, delicate drips and mesmeric washes of colour culminate in pieces that invite the viewer to contemplate their relationship to themselves and the wider world.

Her work is vulnerable and human. She explores the personal and the political, the organic and the artificial, using her work to explore personal issues, where paint becomes a visible language for the unutterable and unnamed.

She is inspired by poets including Pablo Neruda, Nayyirah Waheed, and Lorca whose works she uses as stimulus to create pieces that are evocative and reflective. She most often works under the influence of genre (jazz/blues) music, including Joep Beving, Dan Auerbach, Townes Van Zandt, Jack Broadbent and Hiatus Kyote. Her process is highly immersive and movement based, and the final works are somewhat akin to a snapshot of a dance.

If you would like to hear more from AL, please follow the link below to listen to her 4zzz radio interview (at 65 minutes into the episode). AL and Red Hill Gallery Art Advisor – Sophie, shed light on her Women In Art Exhibition, life as a young artist and the process of an artist.

4zzz Interview

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