Nathaniel Boyd and the Boyd dynasty

Nathaniel Boyd is a painter, sculptor, and Cellist, with an evident affinity to the arts and inherent drive to express his passions. Boyd’s body of work is undeniably reminiscent of his father and grandfather’s style and effect, Jamie, and Arthur Boyd. Nathaniel has gracefully carried on the Boyd dynasty tradition whilst adding a touch of contemporaneity in colour, brush work and medium.  The young Boyd derives inspiration from his time spent overseas and the exposure to urban and rural landscape that traveling the world affords.  In between his travels as a Cellist, Boyd works on his diverse mediums at his studio in Buckinghamshire. His portfolio extends to all corners of the world, including Brisbane, Melbourne and London.

Painting and sculpture for me share a great deal with performance. Sitting in a field painting the sky and distant hills, or sitting in the studio with a lump of clay, I endeavour to clear the mind and allow the work to happen; to be guided by an invisible force

– Nathaniel Boyd

Red Hill Gallery is honoured to represent Nathaniel Boyd, and all his talent, in the gallery. We have curated an exhibition in our back gallery featuring Nathaniel and Jamie Boyd’s work to celebrate their contribution to the Gallery. The works act in harmony on the gallery walls, creating a dialogue between their influence, inspiration, and innovation. The Boyd’s redefine the intricacies of classical mediums and focal points in a fresh whimsical fashion.  The result is truly ethereal, and a must see.

Red Hill Gallery is located at 61 Musgrave Road, Red Hill, Brisbane QLD, and is one of the few galleries in Brisbane open seven days.

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