The 4 Amigo’s – Ben Lucas | Herman Pekel | Ted Moran | Todd Whisson

The 4 Amigo’s, Ben Lucas, Herman Pekel, Ted Moran and Todd Whisson come together to bring to Red Hill Gallery a tranquil and eclectic collection of works. Inspired by the natural beauty of the earth, these 4 collections of works combine to form a dynamic exhibition, with an ode to mother nature and the natural environment. Lucas, Pekel and Whisson express their own personal adoration and relationship with nature through their paintings of coastal landscapes, floral arrangements and familiar Australian scenery. Whilst sculptor, Ted Moran’s love for the ocean influences his nautical sculptural designs. Presented together, the 4 Amigo’s will bring a soothing and refreshing new exhibition, adorning the walls of Red Hill Gallery with the colours of the earth, from Saturday 8 June 2019.

Ben Lucas is a painter of colour, light, movement and memoires. The artists concern for capturing and conveying the emotions evoked by the landscape meet his concerns for the landscape itself. Ben paints from memory, drawing on his time spent watching the constant shifting moods of the ocean and the play of light on its surface at different times of the day. As Ben says, “With my painting there’s always this tension or balance between portraying what is seen and what is felt”.

For Herman Pekel, environmental issues are of paramount concern. This veneration of mother nature in all her contrasting glory is reflected in each of the unique landscape panoramas he paints. His paintings reveal a complex inner design as the scope of his pictorial work, ranging from soft and cozy interiors to dynamic pastoral imagery of tempestuous Australian vistas and romantic European reminiscences.

As the only sculptor in this exhibition, Ted Moran brings a different dimension to the 4 Amigo’s exhibition. Ted’s career in art includes sculptures in stained glass panels and a combination of metal and molten glass pieces. Now based on the Sunshine Coast, the influence of the oceans rich colours and movement is extensively evident on Ted’s nautical inspired sculptural pieces.

Todd Whisson’s recent work takes an abstract impressionist approach, which continues to reflect his skill in traditional techniques. This approach has enabled Todd to communicate more than a visual representation, expressing the beauty of floral arrangements and coastal landscapes. “As an artist, my paintings are loose and suggestive allowing the viewer to place personal thoughts and memories reflective of a time and place” – Todd Whisson.

Combining an eclectic collection of painting and sculpture, the 4 Amigo’s moody, romantic and soulful landscapes, still life and sculptures will exhibit from Saturday 8 June and continue until Sunday 23 June 2019 at Red Hill Gallery, 61 Musgrave Road, Red Hill, QLD.

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