Every work of art has its own intrinsic qualities that will inform your reading of it.
What is it about? What is happening here? What is your interpretation?

On Friday 7 September, Red Hill Gallery is set to open its doors for another powerhouse exhibition by Queensland artist Dean Reilly. His colourful and diverse new collection ‘Exhibition Untitled; layers of meaning’ is incredibly bold, yet offers a thought-provoking insight into pop culture and 20th-century modern art.

In recent years, Reilly has been named a finalist in two of Australia’s most prestigious Art Awards, the Archibald Prize and the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize. With several very successful solo and group exhibitions, his paintings are part of many significant collections from both Australia and worldwide.

As a classically trained artist and graduate of the Australian Design College, Reilly’s works are highly acclaimed for their style, design and variation. Currently studying a double degree at Curtin University in Fine Arts and Visual Culture, this new critical and reflective thinking is vastly evident in Reilly’s artwork as he enters a completely new level of curiosity. It is for these reasons he is rapidly becoming one of Australia’s sought-after artists as his unique paintings continue to delight.

“My practice ranges across many styles, underpinned by my graduate studies. It represents a search for ideas that can represent modern life and the human condition. Through the exhibition “Untitled” I am experimenting with the idea of personal interpretation. I have removed my own didactical interpretations to allow the viewer to be guided by their visual experience. Hopefully this will deliver an experience unique to them as they are empowered to create their own layers of meaning.” Dean Reilly

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