Enchanting… Dreamlike… Starry-eyed… each aptly describes Starr’s latest collection of artworks, recently gathered in her latest solo exhibition ‘Stardust’.

On Friday 12 October Red Hill Gallery will open its doors with an enchanting explosion of colour. We invite art lovers and collectors alike to discover her artistic talents, with their very own ‘starry eyes’.

Starr has been painting her entire life, and has been selling her bright, romantic and energetic works for nearly as long. She reflects a sense of Expressionist movement, with a modern twist. Embedded with a sense of immediacy, Starr’s works invite the viewer to recognise the beauty and importance of every moment, whether these be in the bustling cities of Brisbane, Paris, London, and New York, or in the entrancing landscapes of Starr’s own imagination. Her rapidly expanding career has propelled her worldwide; with works being exhibited and collected in Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States.

This October’s ‘Stardust’ exhibition extends from Starr’s previous ‘Wanderlust’ show, which revealed a passionate love for towering cityscapes, and includes her brand-new Tiffany & Co. series. The figurative, still-life and fantasy showcased in each painting, eagerly arise in one of Starr’s most exciting shows yet.“Vincent van Gogh once said, ‘Go out and paint the stars,’ and that quote was the inspiration that has been inside me while painting this entire body of work. I have taken that advice both literally, in my series of starscapesand almost enchantingly, as it feels as though my every brushstroke has been undertaken in a dream-like state.” – Starr

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