With the lead up to Christmas well on its way, Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane is set to encapsulate and excite all who visit with an exhibition featuring not one, but four of our fabulous femme fatales. Opening on Saturday 1 December Danielle McManus, Denise Murray, Christine Reilly and Simonn Schumacher combine to showcase a visually inspiring collection of artworks.

Intertwining experiences from everyday life with her Maltese heritage, Danielle McManus produces superbly whimsical artworks and ceramics. Relying on the beauty of the landscape as a constant backdrop, her inspiration at present is drawn from everyday life. Her three children provide her with a constant stream of ideas and that along with the changing seasons of the Hunter Valley, and the birds and fauna there, supply more than enough material! Whether fictional or based on real life events McManus’s love of story telling is evident in her colourful, figurative offerings.

For Denise Murray, her sculptures use form and expression to communicate. Body language has always held a fascination for her and the message received is immediate and without guile. Murray’s Dancer series is a celebration of the joy of life, the figures are pared down to the essentials, giving expression to the limbs. With a stunning collection including Welded Bronze Sculptures, Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures and Cold Cast Bronze Sculptures, each artwork is a feast for the eyes.

With over 35 years’ experience both in front of and behind the canvas, Christine Reilly is a respected and imaginative Queensland artist. The figurative work in this collection has come together, marrying in part Reilly’s observation, people watching, memory, imagination and some photography, for reference. She strives to portray all her characters with colour and movement making them come alive on the canvas. Her work
demonstrates a long-held love of travel and chronicles not only the progression of her subjects and style but also her own journey as an artist and woman.

Having drawn ever since she was a young girl, Simonn Schumacher has exhibited worldwide. After a life of travelling overseas on one venture or another, she studied under the tuition of Michael John Taylor in Lismore and feels that the greatest lesson learned during this time, was to paint what you feel and not to think too much, as this has the ability to block the natural flow of creativity. This is evidenced in her highly distinctive and
individual style with her luscious, sassy and often soulful paintings.

‘La Femme’ showcases the stunning artwork of four very talented female artists and is set to take centre stage at Red Hill Gallery in the lead up to Christmas. Each artist brings their own uniqueness and vibrant colour palettes to what is set to be a stunning feast for the eyes.

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