A Love Affair with Provence ~ “Words of Love on a Palette of Provence”

My name is Pierre Bernabeu, I have the great pleasure of launching my book “Words of Love on a Palette of Provence” at Red Hill Gallery which I wrote for my wife, Louise. Our love started in 1964 when swimming in the Mediterranean sea, I noticed a pedal boat with 3 young women on board so I pretended I was drowning and saw the pedal boat coming towards me. On board a young woman gave me her hand and I instantly noticed her blue eyes and I said to myself I have to know more about her. In 1967 we got married and the rest is history.

We got married in Nice, South of France. We left France for New Caledonia, in 1970 our daughter Barbara was born and in 1973 our son, Gregory. During that time I had an interest for movie making, I went back to France to get my editing certificate, back in New Caledonia the political situation had changed and we thought there was no future in that country. My wife wanted to go back to France, I said ok but what if we stayed in Australia for 3 years and that’s what we did.

I was working in Sydney at Colorfilm as a film synchroniser. I worked on films such as Gallipoli, Mad Max and Man from Snowy river and painted in the attic in our house in Paddington. After 3 years it was time to leave Australia as promised, we stayed in France 3 months and came back to Sydney. We moved to the Gold Coast bought a house and settled definitely in this beautiful country we call home.

I had my first exhibition in Noosa than Red Hill Gallery in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, New Caledonia, Paris and Spain. Our daughter found love, got married and gave us our wonderful grandson, Oliver. Our son, Gregory is still searching for someone special.

Having suffered a stroke a few years back has slowed me down but hasn’t taken away my passion for my wife, family and  painting. I decided to write “Words of Love on a Palette of Provence” for my beautiful wife. I always say she is the best wife I ever had and for our 40th wedding anniversary the all family joined us on the P&O Pacific Sun where we renewed our vows. We danced to Ray Charles’ song Georgia, my son tied up some cans and wrote a “Just Married” sign behind my wheelchair. Back to our cabin and the rest is not your business.

I tell you a little secret to love, make sure you tell your love one the 3 words ” I love you ” when you go to bed and wake up and as many times as you want during the day. It will make for a long happy marriage, a few paintings and love words in between can’t hurt. I have had the great pleasure of publishing this book, life is short let’s live it to the fullest and enjoy every moment together. I hope my book will bring you joy and love.


Please join the Red Hill Gallery team along with Pierre and his family on Saturday 25 November 2017 between 1 and 3pm for the launch and signing of his new book at Red Hill Gallery, 61 Musgrave Road, Red Hill, Brisbane.

©  Red Hill Gallery

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