Art @ Home

Welcome to the second in our series – Art @ Home.

A very special room in Tony and Kathy’s home is their main lounge.  While the pool area is the hero in summer time, family and friends enjoy spending time in this inviting room during cold winter night get togethers.  The soft lighting is enticing and sets the mood for many a long conversation over drinks from the bar.

Richard Bogusz and Glenys Lindsay - A beautiful combination

Richard Bogusz and Glenys Lindsay - A beautiful combination

In the centre of the room lay “Itchy” and “Scratchy”, beautiful bronze seals by the talented sculptor, Glenys Lindsay. Its hard to resist touching them, the shiny patina making them appear as if they have just emerged from the sea to bask on a rock.  Cheeky and fun they bring life and character to the space.

The walls  hold two fabulous paintings by Richard Bogusz.  The colour and light of Richard’s work are perfect in the soft lighting of the room.  The dancing girls in the images add a whimsical nature to the strength and character of the Australian bush landscape they play in.  The subject of his art works perfectly with the decor of the room.  Richards work appeals to Tony and Kathy as Tony is a traditionalist by nature and Kathy leans towards more contemporary scenes and striking colours.

Choosing artwork for the home should be a fun experience, the excitement of the find and the fun of hanging or placing it in your home.  Consider your space, and the lighting and, as we always say, “buy what you love!”

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